Saturday, May 24, 2008

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Professional Interior Designer

Welcome to TComino Designs, the source for all your interior design needs. "T" as in Tamara and "Comino" as in rhymes with domino. "Designs" as in interior design. As an interior designer, I help home owners and small business owners create the home and small business interiors of their dreams. I say "of their dreams" because when a designer is hired, the client's desires are often overlooked. The client is told, "This is what you need to do" and any ideas or concerns the client may have had are literally thrown out the window. In my sixteen years of experience, I have found that carefully listening to and addressing the client's needs first results in a design that is more unique, more cohesive and ultimately more appealing. Understanding the personal style of each of my clients is the key to making informed suggestions based on their tastes. I can then create an interior design style to suit the client's lifestyle, taste and budget. With interior design, there is often no right or wrong answer, just right for the client or wrong for the client. Good interior design reflects the client's personality, not the designer's.

To my clients, the word designer means trusted adviser. My clients trust me to help them avoid costly design mistakes.

Your Home - A Window to Your Personality

A glimpse inside a TCD home is like a window to my client's personality. The view inside reflects rooms designed with my client in mind.

If you have an interior design problem too difficult to solve alone, do not fear hiring a Professional Interior Designer - Tammy Comino. I can help you create the interior home design of your dreams.

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