Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kitchen Makeover, Tuscan Style

The decision to remodel their kitchen was easy for these two working parents. After traveling to Italy and being inspired by the local architecture as well as the local cuisine, they knew they wanted to bring a taste of Italy home with them. The couple enjoys cooking and together with their two children, the family spends a lot of time in the kitchen and family room area, so the space needed to be both comfortable and functional.

The design began with cabinet refinishing. Going from a very dark red cherry stain to a more neutral brown tone was a smart choice on my client's part, but as so often happens when one change is made it makes the other design flaws more evident. White counters and floors and the dark wallpaper, although attractive on its own, did not go along with the Tuscan look. We needed to make changes, and this busy mother of two called me for help.

Kitchen DesignsWe started by choosing the largest elements first: flooring, counter tops, wall surfaces including tile for the back splash and a decorative paint finish for the walls. Natural elements such as wood, copper, and stone are all combined to provide warmth and texture. I recommended a wide rustic plank hickory floor to evoke the time worn look of a Tuscan farmhouse. To compliment the floor we chose a tumbled natural stone back splash installed on the diagonal to give movement without being too busy. Copper accent tiles also add interest. For the counter tops, we made a trip to Dente Classic Stone in Oakmont, PA to choose our granite by the slab. Walking among the many large granite slabs, we were able to view the entire pattern on the surface, instead of just choosing from a small sample. The wallpaper had been stripped off by this time so we also chose a warm decorative paint finish custom created by a professional painter to give the walls the look of old plaster yet with a very modern feel.

With all the new earthy surfaces, we needed to also take a look at the furniture. We all agreed the old wrought iron table and chairs needed to be replaced with something that would better define the breakfast nook. My client located a wonderful copper top table with leather chairs from Arhaus Furniture, a local furniture store. A round area rug from Ballard Designs completes the look and ties all the colors together.

The beautiful black and gold damask valances, accented with beaded trim, are all custom designed by TComino Designs.

My client has told me many times how much she loves her new kitchen. She tries to find some quiet time each week before school is out for the day and the kids get home to just sit and enjoy her surroundings. Perhaps the kitchen does have some of that old world charm of Tuscany. Maybe all the elements did come together in a warm tapestry of color and texture. Italy, it seems, is not as far away as we think.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bold Color Goes Modern

Interior Designers Find Bold Color Modern Abstracts Strike the Right Balance

The computer is involved in every aspect of our lives, including being used as the artist's paintbrush. With the increase in using bold abstract artwork against rich neutral backgrounds, art can be custom created down to size, color, and objects. And it's all done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Although it is an alternate route, my client and I didn't need to pursue that avenue yet. She was looking for bold, geometric artwork to coordinate with this rug.

After a few clicks of the mouse on my part, I was able to locate these wonderful circle prints online, and a theme was born. The prints are large enough to carry the theme and colors to the golden neutral bare walls but small enough not to overwhelm.

Bold Circle Print

With boldly colored plates and decorative items added to the neutral china cabinet, a new centerpiece for the dining table and a table runner, this dining room is ready for a celebration. All it needs is a bottle of bubbly and plenty of lively conversation.

If you need help finding bold artwork from a Pittsburgh Interior Designer, contact me for that professional interior design of your dreams.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pittsburgh Residential And Commercial Interior Design

Professional Interior Designer

Welcome to TComino Designs, the source for all your interior design needs. "T" as in Tamara and "Comino" as in rhymes with domino. "Designs" as in interior design. As an interior designer, I help home owners and small business owners create the home and small business interiors of their dreams. I say "of their dreams" because when a designer is hired, the client's desires are often overlooked. The client is told, "This is what you need to do" and any ideas or concerns the client may have had are literally thrown out the window. In my sixteen years of experience, I have found that carefully listening to and addressing the client's needs first results in a design that is more unique, more cohesive and ultimately more appealing. Understanding the personal style of each of my clients is the key to making informed suggestions based on their tastes. I can then create an interior design style to suit the client's lifestyle, taste and budget. With interior design, there is often no right or wrong answer, just right for the client or wrong for the client. Good interior design reflects the client's personality, not the designer's.

To my clients, the word designer means trusted adviser. My clients trust me to help them avoid costly design mistakes.

Your Home - A Window to Your Personality

A glimpse inside a TCD home is like a window to my client's personality. The view inside reflects rooms designed with my client in mind.

If you have an interior design problem too difficult to solve alone, do not fear hiring a Professional Interior Designer - Tammy Comino. I can help you create the interior home design of your dreams.

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